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Mountainview Honey is located an hour south of Calgary, just two miles west of the QEII. Nestled in a pristine location where the prairies begin to meet the foothills, and with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Mountainview Honey has been in operation since 2005.

Mountainview Honey provides raw, natural honey to its local customers right at the farm on a year-round basis. It sells honey at the High River farmers market beginning in the middle of June, and has a drop off location in Airdrie, and another in Calgary. During the summer, from mid-July to mid-September, it is possible to come to the farm and purchase bulk honey, fresh from the hives.

Its hives are located on over 200 different sites, ranging west towards the foothills, south past Nanton, and east towards Vulcan.  The bees draw nectar from clover, canola, wildflowers, flowering trees, and elsewhere. The honey is drawn out of the comb by spinners, pumped into a holding tank, and poured into containers. Nothing is added, and there is no heating involved.

Mountainview Honey is a local family-owned and operated farm, with up to eight seasonal workers. Customers who have found their way to the farm have been enjoying high-quality fresh, local honey at very reasonable prices for years.

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